Quran and Sunnah Beliefs

Quran and Sunnah Beliefs for Muslim

Quran and Sunnah Beliefs for Muslim


Quran and Sunnah Beliefs

Quran and Sunnah Beliefs for Muslim

The Quran and the Sunnah are spreading like wildfire today. If a true Muslim wants to protect himself from losing himself, he must follow the Quran and the guidance of the Prophet (PBUH).

Quran and Sunnah

Surely you have an exemplary example of the Messenger of Allah for those who support Allah and the Last Day and meditate on Allah much. Quran 33:21

To deny the Quran and the Sunnah is to live in our beliefs – which can have a huge impact on faith and have a huge impact on our daily lives. Due to a lack of proper examination or knowledge in the Quran and Sunnah, we see Muslims today running after the Shaykhs, the Murids, the Awliyas, and the ulama that all they see in their eyes is Islam and adhering to non-Islam in their lives.

Furthermore, following them and placing their demands on them, and praying for their graves is a misguided practice that is practiced by Muslims today, who consider them to be holy and pray for forgiveness in the belief that they will bring benefits and godliness.

Choose a few more important days and recite Surah Al-Fatihah in those days as a group sit down and recite it, shout it out, pick up the sandalwood nest with drum beats and celebrate the birthdays and birthdays of the Awliya’. Are coming.

There is no doubt that all these are misguidances followed by those who do not know about the Quran and the life practices of Muhammad (PBUH) and the Sunnah. The only way to save a person from the fire of Hell is to follow the Quran and the teachings of the Lord (PBUH).

Today misguidance is spreading like wildfire. In this, if a true Muslim wants to protect himself from losing himself, he must know very well about the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and follow them thoroughly in his life. And we must constantly strive to visualize this truth that we have learned.

Unfortunately today some deny the Sunnah and the value of following it. Still, others are unaware that the practices they are following are real. And some are spending their lives doubting the Sunnah. If we go to a mall now, do we not pick and choose which of the items we need is the best?

In the same way, in the Sunnah, it is necessary to identify and follow what is Saheeh (with evidence) and what is fiction is false! Similarly, when we go to the bookstore we pick our favorite book and immerse ourselves in it to the point where we lose our faces on that book just like we don’t even touch the book we don’t like. How to pay the same mood in zero? I do not like to follow Sunnah so I can not say that I do not want to know that aside?!

One denies the miracles performed by the pious. One prays two or three times instead of five times. In our practice, we can see that some of them are obedient to Muhammad (PBUH) by keeping every criterion in denying the Sunnah that it is not necessary now that their life is over. They spend their time and business in opposing this Sunnah and viewing it with suspicion.

We find that Muhammad (PBUH) is ignoring their Sunnah by saying that I prefer to abstain from following the hadiths because I do not have the educational knowledge to divide it into racial divisions. After all, false hadiths are mixed with clear hadiths. To explain their stubbornness: Suppose a man is sick and needs medicine.

The fact of the matter is that if genuine and counterfeit drugs are being sold in pharmacies today, then nothing can stop us from buying counterfeit and buying good drugs and getting a partner who is familiar with them. Whether one wants to get that original medicine for oneself or the original is mixed with fake. So will I face death saying I am not going to buy any medicine and am not going to look for anyone’s partner?

This position of ours does not prevent us from engaging in such evils when the principle, pros, and cons of the existence of no God exist around us today. So to say that I will not follow the Sunnah because it is a mixture of authentic hadiths and unsubstantiated hadiths is an act of insulting the Sunnah.

Just as we choose and experience what is good and what is bad for us in this worldly life, then the basic duty of a Muslim is to follow the Sunnah and to know what we have and what is not supported and to live according to that Sunnah. A true Muslim has to dismiss only what is known to be unsubstantiated in the matter of choosing the Sunnah.

We have given you the Scripture, that you may make clear to mankind what they have been given, and that they may reflect. Quran 16:44

And worship Allah. Worship the Messenger. Be careful. If you disregard (this), then know that it is incumbent upon our Messenger only to make clear (our commands). Quran 5:92

Of course, this is my straight path; So follow this – do not follow other ways – they will separate you from His way; He thus teaches you to be righteous (following the right path). Quran 6:153

Quran and Sunnah Beliefs

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