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Truth about Islam be told Over Time

Truth About Islam be told over time

History tells us all the hidden details of how many kingdoms appeared and ruled with great power, flourished, and then perished.


Truth About Islam


By the time. Surely man languishes at a loss. However, except for those who believe and do righteous (good) deeds, admonish one another with the truth, and admonish one another patiently (they are not at a loss). (103:1-3)

The above is one of the smallest of the suras in the Tabernacle. Imam Shafi’i is so concise that he says, “If God had not sent down a proof against His creation except this surah, it would have sufficed them.”

We sincerely believe that the Quran is the word of Allah Almighty who created and nourished us; We say frankly; What is the reason for swearing by Allah in the Qur’an? Only Allah Almighty knows the truth.

Allah inspires us to think. It seems to me that Allah swears by the act of awakening and awakening us who are forgetful and weak. Promises over time. No matter how small, large, ordinary, extraordinary, good, bad, happy, or sad, the numerous events that take place in the native world do not happen without a waste of time. The passage of time does not change towards the quality and effect of causal things.

Man spends his time fulfilling his immediate needs and finding solutions to the temporary problems created by the situation without worrying about the rush of time due to numbness and restlessness. The fact that all things must be managed by themselves, must be accomplished, and that they will be ruined if they do not, and that they are self-absorbed, will soon cease to exist, does not touch man’s thought.

We can see that what is referred to as loss in the verse ‘Man certainly languishes in loss’ is not a slap in the face of worldly affairs or economics.

Do the disbelievers think that they can take My servants as guardians besides Me? Surely We have prepared Hell for the abode of the Schaffirs. Ask him, “Shall I inform you of the greatest losers in their deeds?” They disbelieve, and their deeds are in vain, and We will not add any value to them on the Day of Resurrection.

O you who believe! Do not let your wealth and your people lead you astray from the remembrance of Allah. (63: 9)

And among people is he who worships Allah on the borderline; if any good befalls him, he is satisfied; but if a trial afflicts him, he utterly turns away. He will incur the loss of this world and the Hereafter. That indeed is a clear loss. (22:11)

If anyone wants a religion other than Snum Slam (it) will never be accepted from it. And only if such a person loses on the Day of Resurrection. (3:85)

Of course, we warn you of the coming torment. I must have gone to the dust! “” (78:40)

Hell roars before them; None of what they have earned will benefit them; And those whom they have taken as guardians besides Allah (will not benefit them); Also, they have great pain. (45:10)

GOD suffices as a witness between me and you; He knows what is in the heavens and the earth; Therefore, those who disbelieve in GOD, who believe in falsehood, are the losers. “(29:52)

All the verses make it clear that what Allah refers to as ‘loss’ is the loss of the Hereafter. So we have to do our best before the time is up to protect ourselves from the great loss of self-recovery.

History tells us all the details of how many kingdoms came into being, ruled with great power, flourished, and then disappeared without a trace. Many civilizations and cultures flourished and then faded away. Millions of people were born, raised, and raised in the world and mixed with the soil. Some kings conquered many countries with tremendous military strength and established their rule and ordered the people to worship themselves by demanding ‘Thane Srivan’.

They have all disappeared and become ignorant. We must act by realizing ourselves. Our time will pass quickly. The resurrection will come.

Those who rejected him at the time of meeting and questioning him said, “Even the righteous, who are considered to be the jewels of mankind who refuse to be buried, will tremble in the middle of the Day of Judgment, wondering if some of us should not have become like a tree-eating bird or a haystack.” In chapter 103, Allah teaches man what to do to avoid such a loss.

1. Belief: We must believe in Allah alone as our Lord, our Creator, our Protector, and the Giver of our needs. We must also firmly believe that none other than Allah or our ancestors have atomic power over themselves.

2. Do good deeds: If there are good deeds, then the Prophet (PBUH) should have his mark on them. Whatever they do not say, do, or acknowledge, no matter how beautiful it may seem to us, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) should leave it at that, believing that it will never be a good deed, even if the forefathers and the Nadas have all adhered to it for a long time.

3. Teach one another with truth and patience: Do those who take the truth about the religion to others and their faith and good deeds bring them success? Instead, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. No matter how prosperous and happy your life may be, those who do not do the above will not be successful.

If man realizes that Allah swears by Qat that he is languishing in loss and is convinced of its truthfulness, then man will seek to consider what his ambition is in Smyth and what he has to achieve.

The rule, power, social status, influence, wealth, high position, prosperous industry, trade, vehicle facilities, affluent slums that man is eagerly trying to achieve in the world and all the above aspects are not fulfilled and all that man has earned in the past will lead to loss.

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